"do you live under a rock?"

yeah, a punk rock

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 by kam wei


 by kam wei

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i don’t seem to care about anything in life anymore so instead of doing work or being productive i stared at noel’s face all day

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Never Mind the Buzzcocks / S28E01

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just a heads up if i’ve unfollowed you recently it’s not because i don’t like you or i don’t want to be friends with you or whatever, i’ve just been trying to minimize certain sorts of posts on my dashboard (mostly political/sj things) so that’s why. please don’t think it means i hate you or lost interest in you or anything because that’s not the case at all, just tumblr wasn’t really fun for me anymore because there were too many opinions and rants and things and so i’m trying to tune that out as much as possible on here. hope that makes sense.

also thank you guys for being so nice to me last night… i didn’t expect anyone to read what i wrote or especially respond and i don’t even know what to say. i’ll respond to people individually in a little bit but just thank you so much. i don’t want to post things like that anymore but sometimes i just don’t know what else to do so thank you guys for sticking around and making me feel cared about instead of just unfollowing me or telling me to get over it or whatever. i don’t know how to say how much i appreciate it. thank you.

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older relative: so, do you have a boyfriend yet?

me: *vanishes mysteriously into the light of the morning sun, humming an ancient song only the most fragrant flowers can remember*

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